UKSA Space Environments Working Group call for nominations

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UKSA Space Environments Working Group call for nominations

This from the UK Space Agency:

The UK Space Agency seeks nominations for membership of its Space Environments Working Group (SEWG).

The SEWG provides advice and support to the Agency on matters related to space environments, microgravity and human spaceflight programmes. In practice, this consists principally of UK involvement in ESA’s ELIPS and ISS Utilisation programmes, and associated national activities. The SEWG reports to the Agency’s Space Exploration Advisory Committee (SEAC), which advises the Agency on the breadth of its space exploration activities.

SEWG has a particularly important role over the next two years, as the working group will be preparing for the exploitation of Tim Peake’s flight, and for the ESA Ministerial in 2016, where ELIPS V and the UK’s involvement in the ISS are up for renewal.

Membership of the SEWG consists of representatives of the academic and industrial communities from across the breadth of relevant subject areas, including biomedicine, fundamental physics, materials science and space science.

We have three positions open (for a two year term – non re-numerated), and are looking for people with experience or interest in exploiting microgravity platforms and space environments to undertake their research. We are open to applications from researchers in any area, though those with interest in materials, medical research, astrobiology, and space science are particularly encouraged to apply. We are particularly looking for scientists new to the UK or those who have become involved in ELIPS projects in the last two to five years e.g. in response to the ILSRA, bed rest, and Concordia calls.

Nominations should be made by email, no later than 23 March 2015 to the below email address, including the following information:

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Research interests
  • Brief summary of relevant experience (100-200 words)

Suitable candidates are expected to have:

  • a good knowledge of work in microgravity/space environments facilities (this could be on the ISS, drop towers, parabolic flights or other space or space-analogue platforms)
  • experience of working with international space agency programmes (e.g. on ESA, NASA, Roscosmos programmes)
  • a broad knowledge of the UK R+D landscape (both generally and in reference to their own field)

Membership is on a two-year term, and meetings are held quarterly. To submit a nomination (either for yourself or for a colleague) or for more information about the SEWG and what membership entails, please contact Timothy Hudson:

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