ASB Internships

The Astrobiology Society of Britain can provide financial support for undergraduate research internships in the UK that fall within the field of astrobiology. Internships offer valuable research experience and provide a window into potential career paths.

Internships must be hosted by a UK institution. Some examples of UK institutions that have carried out astrobiology research in the past and present are listed here and many have hosted ASB interns before.  Please note, this list is not exhaustive; any institution or researcher involved in astrobiology and related fields is eligible.

Funding is only available for those studying at UK institutions who will be hosted at a UK institution.

The deadline for applications is March 31st 2023

If you are interested in an astrobiology internship, please first contact a researcher from a UK institute to host your internship. You should have some idea of what your internship project would involve, but should discuss this in detail with the potential host. The host could be the student’s home institution.

Applying for an Internship

Once a researcher/research group has agreed to host an internship, the applicant should prepare a research proposal in collaboration with the host. 

The proposal should contain the following information as agreed with the host and should not exceed one A4 page in total:

  • Name of applicant
  • Current degree and institution
  • Name of Host researcher and institution
  • Expected start date of the internship
  • Expected length of the internship
  • Justification of resources
  • Proposal summary (1-2 sentences)
  • Proposal detail

Proposals will be judged on their scientific merit by the ASB committee and the selected proposals will receive up to £1000 to cover travel, accommodation, subsistence, and any associated research costs (e.g lab consumables or required hourly wage). We encourage applicants to seek other sources of funding to cover additional costs and will support these applications. No preference will be given to longer or shorter internships, but costs should be justified according to the length.

Applications should be sent to