Rosalind’s STARS

Rosalind’s STARS is a UK Space Agency funded programme to build links between scientists and schools around the country to help showcase the exciting science and engineering of the ExoMars Rover Rosalind Franklin. 

ExoMars Rover

The project aims to promote the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover, a European Space Agency (ESA) mission that should launch in 2022, through engagement with Key-Stage 2 (KS2; age 7-11) and Key-Stage 4 (14-16) pupils across the UK.

ASB will provide teachers and pupils with resources to use in lessons and the opportunity for a conversation or visit with a scientist to tell pupils more about the ExoMars programme and answer questions they might have. This could be as part of standalone lessons in the topic of space exploration, or in a longer themed unit which we can provide support for.

We hope to inspire pupils to engage with STEM subjects, to provide role-models through face-to-face interaction with active space scientists and astrobiologists, and to positively impact pupils’ perceptions about science. 

You will receive:

  • Student resources for KS2/Scottish Level 1-2 or KS4/Scottish National 4-5
  • Teacher’s guide with ideas for activities related to ExoMars.
  • An online chat or visit from a scientist arranged at a mutually convenient time.
  • A chance to enter a national competition to win an individual or class prizes.

Getting involved:

If you would like your school to be involved in the STARS Project, please get in touch via email: