Remote Detection of Life Workshop – Open University

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Remote Detection of Life Workshop – Open University

A joint ESS/ASB workshop discussing the remote detection of life will be held at the Open University, Milton Keynes on 15 December 2017. An important strategy for finding life beyond Earth involves looking for possible global effects of biology. Earth system science (ESS)—the study of the interactions and interdependencies of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, surface and sub-surface—can help astrobiologists in this endeavour.

This conference will therefore bring together the UK’s astrobiology and ESS communities to explore how we might improve our ability to detect life within the solar system and beyond.


Keynote Talks:

Martian Methane (Manish Patel, OU)

Life’s Impact on Earth (Tim Lenton, University of Exeter)

Exoplanet Characterization (Giovanna Tinetti, UCL)



Abstracts are invited on any subjects relevant to remote biosignatures, the characterization of worlds within the solar system or beyond and the global effects of life on Earth and other worlds.  Talks can be data-based, instrument-led or theoretical. Abstracts should be submitted by November 17th 2017.

Abstracts can be submitted here.


ESS Group Relaunch

This meeting also aims to relaunch the ESS special interest group of the Geological Society. We will therefore conclude the day with an ESS-SIG meeting to discuss the group’s objectives and to elect a new committee.



ASB Members: £5 (join here for £20)
ESS Members £5 (join here, free for GSL members)
Others £25

Link to registration form

Further information can be found on the workshop webpage.

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