Post-Doc Opportunities: Origins Center, Netherlands

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Post-Doc Opportunities: Origins Center, Netherlands

Six postdoctoral positions in origins of life research are available at the Origins Center in the Netherlands. The Origins Center is a recent, multidisciplinary and multi-institute initiative comprising a large number of top tier scientists in the Netherlands and is coordinated by the University of Groningen. Scientists affiliated with at least 17 Dutch universities and research institutes participate in its research. The center aims to investigate:

  • The origin of life and of life-bearing planets
  • The predictability of evolution
  • Building and steering life from molecule to biosphere
  • Finding extra-terrestrial life
  • Mathematical concepts needed for bridging large spatial, temporal and organisational scale differences.

Fellowships are available within the following topics:

  • 217354 Developing, testing and operating the Origins Simulator
  • 217355 Identifying factors enabling predictability of evolution
  • 217356 Building and directing life
  • 217357 Modelling planet earth as an exoplanet
  • 217358 Mathematically understanding downward causation.

Application deadline: 25 September 2017 12:00 pm CEST

More information and application instructions can be found here.


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