ESA Call for Ideas: Future of Biology Research

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ESA Call for Ideas: Future of Biology Research

ESA have extended the deadline and added a workshop to their call for ideas about the future of their biology research.  The deadline for inputs is now 12 February 2020, and it will be followed by a workshop in ESTEC on the 26th-27th February 2020. Full details are here.

Please consider providing input, this is your opportunity to shape ESA’s future work in this area.

Call for Ideas: SciSpacE biology roadmaps evolution post 2024 and refinement of ESA’s Space Station biology research capabilities

The SciSpacE research goals and specific objectives were defined with the research community in 2016 as ‘Science Roadmaps’ which cover a broad range of life and physical research areas as well as cross-disciplinary topics. The potential extension of International Space Station operations until 2030 provides the opportunity to evolve the current roadmaps to address gaps, refine research focus areas and experimental approaches.

The objective of this call for ideas is to engage the European research community in the refining the focus areas for the SciSpacE Biology Roadmaps in the post-2024 period and the evolution of the International Space Station Biology research capabilities to enable associated experimental studies. Taking into account the current roadmap objectives, boundary conditions and preliminary recommendations described in the Call For Ideas, researchers are invited to propose ideas for key research questions to be addressed within the context of the roadmap objectives.

Deadline: 12 February 2020 

Download the Biology Roadmaps in PDF format.

Download the Call For Ideas proposal template in Word format.

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