ASB internships returning soon for 2024

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ASB internships returning soon for 2024

Details of this year’s internship program will soon be announced.

In the meantime, here is a report from Sidonie Coker who tells us all about the work completed during the summer of 2023 with an ASB internship award.

Sidonie was selected from an excellent field of potential interns and completed her work at University College London. She excellently demonstrates how an ASB internship can help support undergraduate students in completing research projects that may otherwise be financially unviable. This experience can offer a unique way to demonstrate to potential Master’s degree selection committees that you have the enthusiasm, research skills and a level of independence beyond that of your peers during future applications.

Visit ASB internships to find out more.

Internships for 2024 will open soon. Please check back regularly or sign up for a membership to get an email when they are announced.

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