Job Offer: University of Liège

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Job Offer: University of Liège

The Palaeobiogeology Group (PPP Lab), at the Department of Geology, UR GEOLOGY, of the University of Liège searches for collaborators (postdocs, spectroscopist) for its activities in the frame of the ERC PROJECT “ELiTE”: Early Life Traces, Evolution, and Implications for Astrobiology, and the IAP “Planet TOPERS”: “Planets: Tracing the Origin, Preservation, and Evolution of their reservoirs”.

Scientific positions are available to join a team working on the early biosphere evolution, in
particular early life traces and the emergence and rise of biological complexity
(cyanobacteria, eukaryotes) in the Precambrian, and the characterization of biosignatures
for detecting life beyond Earth.

In particular, we are looking for one postdoc and one spectroscopist. Positions are for one
year, with the possibility of a second year. The spectroscopist will continue the development
of a database of Raman and infrared spectroscopic signatures of fossil and modern
microorganisms, and support the ongoing projects of the group in identifying organics
(characterization, thermometry) and minerals. The postdoc will work on the nanoscale
characterization and fossilization processes of organic-walled microorganisms in modern and
ancient siliciclastic sediments and implications for the detection of past life in early Earth and Mars clay/shale deposits.

The ideal candidate has an Academic Master Degree or PhD in Science (Geology, Biology, or
Chemistry), and combines many of the following characteristics:

– Scientific curiosity
– Strong interest in early life evolution
– Quick learner
– Creative and pragmatic problem-solving approach
– Knowledge of biology, geology, mineralogy, (geo)chemistry, micro- to nano-scale analytical
techniques (such as spectroscopy, electron microscopy, ..) is a plus.

Enthusiastic and motivated scientists are encouraged to apply until the positions are filled.
The competitive salary makes it possible to live comfortably in Liège and includes benefits.
Send your CV with a cover letter and the names and contact information of two or three
references (all in PDF format) by November 20th, 2016 to Prof. Emmanuelle Javaux

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