Frozen Worlds & Landscapes of Our Solar System

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Frozen Worlds & Landscapes of Our Solar System

We invite you to submit abstracts for the RAS Discussion meeting entitled:


Which will take place on 9th December 2016 at the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, London, W1J 0BE

The aim of this discussion meeting to discuss the latest research into the surface of icy bodies and regions in the solar system. We invite all whose work include the investigations of ices including weathering, astrobiology, landscapes and surfaces of different planetary bodies. We welcome research from all aspects of research including computational modelling, laboratory and field work.

Please send abstracts half page A4 (size 11 Ariel) as PDF or word document to by 5 pm Friday 28th October 2016.

Abstract deadline: 28th October 2016
Programme published: 11th November 2016
RAS Meeting: 9th December 2016

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