Brave New Worlds: Understanding the Planets of other Stars

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Brave New Worlds: Understanding the Planets of other Stars

Sigrav School, XII edition – Villa del Grumello, Como, Italy, 29 May – 3 June 2016

this year the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies will focus on exoplanet science. The school is directed to PhD students and young postdocs who are interested in widening their knowledge in the field of exoplanets. Lecturers will report on theoretical, observational and experimental aspects of the research, reviewing the latest achievements in the field. The program includes:

  • Gaspar Bakos (Princeton University) – The exoplanet hunt
  • Caitlin Griffith (University of Arizona, Tucson) – Understanding planets around the Sun and other stars
  • Giusi Micela (INAF – Osservatorio Palermo) – The stellar environment
  • Alessandro Morbidelli (Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur) – How do planets form?
  • Franck Selsis (Université Bordeaux) – Exoplanet chemistry and habitability
  • Jonathan Tennyson (UCL) – Molecular spectroscopy for exoplanets
  • Giovanna Tinetti (UCL) – Decoding the light of extrasolar worlds

More information on the registration and accommodations can be found here. The deadline for applying for support to cover local expenses is April 2nd.

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