Announcement: 1st ASB Discussion Meeting

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Announcement: 1st ASB Discussion Meeting

1st ASB Discussion Meeting

Planetary Analogues: The Solar System in a bottle


The 1st ASB Discussion Meeting on the topic planetary analogues will be held at the Open University on Friday 9th June.


Keynote Speakers:

Zita Martins (Imperial) – Future Astrobiology Experiments in Earth orbit and beyond – recommendations from the ESA Topical Team.

Claire Cousins (St Andrews) – From microbes to missions: how analogues shape planetary exploration.


Attendance is free for ASB members. Non-members will pay £20 (£10 concessionary rate), receive ASB membership and free attendance for future discussion meetings. Please email to register.

You can apply for membership before the meeting here

Location: Berrill Lecture Theatre, The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Directions to the Open University can be found here: The Berrill Lecture Theatre is accessed through the main University Reception.


Full Programme (provisional):

10:00 Welcome and Intro – Manish Patel, ASB Chair

Morning – Analogues in Astrobiology

10:15 – Keynote talk – Zita Martins – ESA Topical Team on Analogue Studies

10:45 – Targeted discussion around points from Zita’s talk

11:00 – Break

Morning – Minor Bodies / Planetary Protection

11:15 – Manish Patel – New simulants of the Phobos regolith:  Phobos-1C and Phobos-1P

11:25 – David Evans – Computational modelling of Phobos impactors

11:35 – Minor Bodies analogue discussion

12:30 – Lunch

Afternoon – Combined analogue Studies

13:30 – Keynote talk – Claire Cousins – From microbes to missions: how analogues shape planetary exploration

14:00 – Discussion – Combined analogue studies

14:15 – Break

Afternoon – Analogues and Missions

14:30 – Peter Fawdon – Mars Rover Landing Sites

14:40 – Adam Stevens – Analogues of Martian sedimentary environments

14:50 – Nisha Ramkissoon – Characterisation of new geological Mars analogues for Rocknest, Paso Robles, Haematite rich regolith and a basaltic shergottite

15:00 – Emmal Safil – Laboratory Studies of Clathrate Hydrates with Applications to Solar System Bodies

15:15 – Discussion – Analogues and missions

Afternoon – Analogue research in the UK – Facilities and cooperation

15:30 – Lightning pitches – 2 minutes, open to all

15:45 – General discussion

~16:00 Close

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