About us

The Astrobiology Society of Britain is a learned society for people interested in the relationship between life and its cosmic environment. This covers a vast diversity of topics and research methodologies, encompassing observational astronomy, theoretical astrophysics, geological expeditions and laboratory-based microbiology and prebiotic chemistry.

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Upcoming conferences

ESO – AstroBio2015 Santiago, Chile, 28 September – 2 October

EANA 2015 Noordwijk, Netherlands, 6–9 October

GeoRepNet3: Geological Repositories Edinburgh, Scotland, 12–15 October

Re-Conceptualizing the Origin of Life Washington D.C., 9 – 11 November

Puzzle of Earth’s Uninterrupted Habitability London, 11 November

Moon 2020-2030 ESA/ESTEC, Netherlands, 15-16 December

Exoplanets I  Davos, Switzerland, 3–8 July 2016

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